Photo by Alexandre Borba

W.C. Colares


It was during his backpacking trip through Europe, in 2005, that W.C. Colares developed his interest in photography. And he would soon find out what and how he wanted to photograph.

As a whole, good photographers are creative people who understand their equipment, know how to use it and are able to communicate both to their subject and their audience. However, what distinguishes them from ordinary people is their personal eye: they see what we don’t see and they shoot as it would never occur to us.

Colares was no different. But like every good photographer, there is something peculiar about his own personal eye: most of his photos will show people who have been photographed without realizing it – people ‘caught in the act’. Smiling, waving their hands, sleeping, stroking their hair, looking down, working, taking a break, dancing, staring into space, thus somehow revealed and unveiled. And even when it comes to landscapes, buildings or objects, he will not give you the accurate picture on a platter but rather look for the unusual one.

Here is someone photographing between the lines: nothing is so explicit and yet everything is there. You just have to look and appreciate. Enjoy!

Ana Maria Moreira Cesar Fernandes


Volunteer photographer to La Croix Rouge Fribourgeoise
Contributor to La Fribune
Contributor to Spectrum Magazine